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Paris under the Stars

Paris under the Stars Movie Clip from the New York Times

My friend Allan just sent me a link to a New York Times entry about Paris in the night. I think this short clip has captured the allure of Paris and why so many of us are living here... Enjoy!


I've always found the idea of going to Paris alluring, however never been.

There's been so much negative press about Paris lately (in the UK)...

This video goes some way towards changing my mind!

Scott: There is a lot to like about Paris/ France... and there is a lot to dislike about it too. I think it's a much nicer place to visit than to eke out a living here... the hassle of paperwork and red tape we could all do without.
Hope you and your wife will come visit some time.

Beautiful...makes me miss Paris....

Each time when I miss my country because I work too late ir because I'm tired, I think but why are you here and this clip remenber me it.
Thanks LPC.

It always amazes me too when I 'm out late and walk by the Louvre and love how magical that moment always is... I love the lights on the buildings... and how I am in the midst of lots of beauty and opulence.

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