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La Nuit Blanche 2006

Light Show at the François Mitterand Bibliothèque in Paris 2006

And just when I thought the Fete des Vendanges de Montmarte was all for the day… we also had “La Nuit Blanche”! La Nuit Blanche means white night, which is an all-night party in Paris. In practically every other street, there is music, theatre, light shows, poetry reading, dancing – everything - you name it. La Nuit Blanche is Paris’ defiance to cold dark winter nights.

I saw a light show at the BNF (Bibliotheaue Nationale de France) and came home to a nude installation on Rue des Frigos* (Frigo is colloquial for fridge). It was a pleasant surprise when I turned the corner and saw 7 blond nude women step out of 7 black Mercedes-Benz E Class… Close by, there were 7 white “frigo” and a woman in a white wedding gown running back and forth between them, while the 7 women were getting in and out of the Mercedes.

I like the city-wide activities that the city organizes because there’s art, there’s music and it’s modern. It makes me appreciate the space and place where I live. It’s also a clever use of urban space to create that moment of conviviality in the neighborhoods. And I can’t say “No” to any celebration.

* Rue des Frigos is located in the 13th arrondissement where the flour mills, meat packaging, food distribution and warehouses used to be. The barges used to go up and down the Seine from this area to transport food. There is also a building called “Le Frigo” because it used to be a freezer/ warehouse for meat packages. Artists are currently squatting in it to prevent the government or developers from running it to the ground.

Installation on Rue des Frigos in Paris 2006

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