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My Surprise Package from A Few of My Favourite Things in Australia

My Surprise Parcel from Cin at “A Few of My Favourite Things”

“Ding Dongggg…”

By now, we are not surprised to see Mr Postman at 7am in our PJs. For the past two weeks, the doorbell has rung three times at 7am to present us with surprise packages from around the world. Our surprise packages always start us off on a good foot for the day. This time, the package comes from Down Under, a long long way from La France. Cin at A Few of My Favourite Things and I exchanged a parcel of 5 things from our adopted home countries.

The first thing I saw was Tim Tams! I LOVE Tim Tams… the first thing I reached for after a long day at uni (college is uni in Australia). Tim Tams are really good eaten chilled. But today, we couldn’t wait and I wanted to share it with Ben. So, we had half of the packet for breakfast and chilled the rest for dessert tonight. And the macadamia nuts on the way to work.

Cin and I must be telepathic… because we sent each other similar things. In my Aussie parcel, I have:

A packet of Australian Sea Salt – packaging looks so slick.

Tim Tams: Not just any Tim Tams – a special edition pack with strawberry flavour

Wasabi coated macadamia nuts from a farmer’s market in Sdyney

A small jar of ground wattleseed that smell like hazelnuts and cocoa nibs…hmmm- divine! This is the most delicious smelling herb!

A small jar of desert flakes, which is a mixture of desert raisins, lemon myrtle, garlic and saltbush leaves… perfect for a winter casserole!

VOG Olive Oil: from a well-known chef named Stefano de Pieri. The olive groves are grown in the Victorian range close to the Murray River in the North.

I am so happy with all my packages from around the world. All the immediate edible goodies are now in my stomach and I can’t wait to use the local produce from Australia… Cin’s gift of Tim Tams made me nostalgic and had me reminiscing to Ben of my surfing afternoons at Cotesloe in Perth and my Tim Tam booster afterwards, to the crazy footy games and lotsa beers. I’ll have to visit Oz someday with DH.

Thanks Cin! You hit the spot!


It seems so much fun! Could you let me know the next time the exchanging of delicious food happens?

I would love to join in as well!

Sourrain: It wasn't anything organised or planned on a "large scale"... I just thought of "Obachan" and "A Few of My Favourite Things" and thought of sending them some French goodies.
If you like we could do something similar for Christmas/ towards the end of Nov?

LPC: That would be really fun! End nov would be better as I won't be here for christmas,but it'll be nice to get all sort of wonderful things via post!


Sourrain: Avec plaisir! (with pleasure)

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