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My Surprise Package from Obachan in Japan

My Surprise Package from Obachan in Japan

“Ding dongggggg...”

LPC: Huh? Is that the door bell?
Ben: Sounds like it.
LPC: But it’s 6:45am. Only debt collectors call this early.
Ben: Debt collectors? Something I should know about?
LPC: I don’t know. Something I should know about? We’ll see, won’t we?

It turned about to be a man in dark blue jumpsuit with a bright “La Poste” tag. “Signez ici, s’il vous plait”. (Sign here, please.)

I have in my hand a square package in floral wrapping paper… and it’s from Obachan in Japan! Yippee! My first surprise package!

I contacted Obachan and A Few of My Favourite Things the same time I signed up for European Blogging By Post (EBBP) #6. When I was shopping for my mystery blogger, I thought of Obachan and Cin and thought they might like something from France too. So, I sent them a “French” package and in return they will send me one from their home countries.

Obachan sent me a nice Japanese napkin, cherry blossom candles, cheese puffs, candy, chocolates, miso soup mix and some nice green tea. Everything was so neatly wrapped and great attention was given to the packaging. I usually rip the packaging open… but today, I opened everything up delicately.

I had the green tea this morning and it helped my horrid cold. And guess what? The sun is out today! Thank you Obachan!


Sorry that my package woke you up so early. But I'm glad to hear that you liked what I sent.

Oh no, we were already awake and having breakfast, so it was really nice to receive an early surprise. I hope you'll get your surprise package soon too.

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