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My Surprise Parcel from EBBP #6

My Surprise Package from EBBP #6

“Ding Dongggg…”

Ah-ha! “C’est sûrement un colis pour moi!” I yelled out to Ben and dashed to the door to greet Mr Postman at 7am this morning.

True enough.

The package was a bit banged up and looked like something I would have ordered from Amazon… it even had a white envelope attached and a ticket description that said “books”. Except that I didn’t order any books. *nudge nudge* *wink wink*

I’m very pleased to receive my surprise package from one of the few men food bloggers, Bill Roberts from “Bill Please”. I received 5 things in my package, all of which I’ve never had before.

  • Berkswell, an unpasturised ewe’s milk cheese: smells mild
  • Oatcakes to eat with the cheese
  • Cobnuts: they indeed taste like hazelnuts, only milder
  • Homemade apple and shallot chutney: I’ll have to make a roast to go with the chutney soon!
  • A bottle of cider (7%): a toast to you when I have it tonight!
  • I’ve always liked the internet for speed of communication and elimination of boundaries but also feared that e-lectronic everything would cut off human contact and the sense of “realness”. So, it’s nice to receive a package put together by someone miles and miles away whom I’ve never met. Without reading too much into things, I get a sense of what Bill likes and he seems like a thoughtful person.

    Thanks also to Johanna, The Passionate Cook for making this connection happen.


    sounds like a wonderful package of first experiences... i am glad you liked it and will participate in the next round!

    Yes it was!

    Cobnuts! Oh I've been after osme of them... great parcel.

    Glad you enjoyed this round; hope you will participate in the next round - sometime in late January.

    Thanks for your comment!
    This was my first time participating in the parcel exchange... and it was a good way to "travel" and taste some of the foods from other countries... hopefully my schedule will allow me to participate also in January (ski season!)... I might just send something from the Alps. :-)

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