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The Big Three-OH

A Slice of That Delicious Birthday Cake

It comes once a year... and there is no escaping it. This time it's a bit more special, because it's my big Three-Oh. Please say, Oh-Yes. Not Oh-no. ’Cos life gets better after this, right? There is even a blog called “Life Begins at Thirty”.Thankfully, there isn’t one called “Wrinkles Begin at Thirty”.

I calculated my life expectancy using this tool. I’m expected to live to a ripe ole age of 90, which means I’m at my one-third mark today. Many of my friends take stock of their lives on their big Three-Oh, and many regret their lives. Some have started yoga lessons; one has opened her own business, two decided to get divorced. I guess there could be a lot to regret if we dig deep. But that’s no fun. It depresses me that I can’t change what happened. Either I couldn’t or I was plain stupid back then. So, I’ll just look forward.

“Just looking forward” you say. Yes, I’m looking forward to more fun: baking that divine cheesecake, making new friends, enjoying Paris, achieving at work, travelling, skiing, and having fun at something every single day. I can’t change anything in the past, so I’ll just look forward to the future and do the things I love.

This year I decided to celebrate my birthday and DH asked what I wanted. Lots of ideas raced through my head: see the Aurora Borealis in Norway, the set of carving knife and fork I’ve been saving for, a piece of nice jewellery, diving lessons, heli-ski the Tian-Shan mountains… but none of them stuck. I just wanted to be with my friends. So, the party was at L’entredgeu, a little cosy restaurant tucked away in the 17th arrondissement in Paris. It is a husband-wife team with a cute story to the name. Their family name is Tredgeu (tread-jer). He runs the kitchen and she mans the dining room... so, the bistro is entre-tredgeu, between the Tredgeus, but it also sounds like between-games.

We had an entrée and plat each. Everyone was really pleased with their food: the portions were just right and there was enough room for dessert, which was a chocolate mousse cake that Chef Tredgeu made especially for the occasion that had all of us “Oh-ing and Ah-ing”. I was on Cloud 9 when every one of my friends, including my DH had a big smile on their faces and broke into “Joyeux Anniversaire” with the rest of the restaurant. What a lucky gal!

Here’s a toast also to Melinda, Jacelyn, Stef and my brother-in-law, Benjamin, cos it’s your birthdays too! Wish you were here too.

83 rue Laugier
75017, Paris
Tél : 01 40 54 97 24
Métro : Porte de Champeret (ligne 3)
Reservations are a must, at least a week in advance.
Set menu of an entrée, plat and dessert costs EUR30/person, drinks not included.


Happy 30th Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great celebration. You're now an official Dirty Thirty...it's just a joke between my friends to mark our growing up/old... all just because of how the 2 words sound. Yup, we're still kids inside.

Thanks! It feels good being 30. I like it.

Happy Birthday! My blog name kind of started as a joke, as a friend of mine told me that throughout my twenties. Ang I think that, 3 years into my thirties, I can say that life DOES begin at 30. :-)

Jen: So, it does go uphill from here? Yeh!

happy birthday!

Welcome to your 30's!! I turned 30 in July and I'm loving every minute!!


Sourrain, Sarah: Thanks for commenting and the well wishes. Being 30 is really good... Highly recommended. I have a renewed sense of energy.

Wah - love your site! It's really good. I had lunch at LPS today. You know the place we first found out we had the same burfdate. :-)

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