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JOUR, my new lunch place

Jour in Paris

I often joke (only half joking) with Ben that one day I’ll quit my day job and set up my own little lunch-tea shop. I feel that there is a big need for good no-fuss lunch stops in Paris. Really, gone are daily two-three-four hour French lunches. As much as the French are holding onto long lunches, it’s impossible to work les trente-cinq heures (35 hours), have long lunches, get the work done and still have a life.

We, les travailleurs (the workers) want fresh meals of a decent size. And we want it quick! We don’t want to have to go to a bistro for two years before they, the servers, recognise us and serve us as soon as we sit down.

I discovered Jour with my friend Jodi, as we hopped on a bus and ventured away from the company’s lunch perimeter. Jour serves salads, wraps and soups. Their forte is salads. First you pick a base of salad leaves or pasta. Then you choose whatever salad ingredient you like and it all gets tossed with vinaigrette of your choice in a big silver mixing bowl in front of our eyes. There is every ingredient under the salad sky: honey chicken, sweet shrimp, beef, sardines, fresh corn, artichokes, mushrooms, carrots, lentils, bean sprouts, falafel sprouts, croutons, olives, cheeses and so on. The ingredients range from 20 cents, 50 cents, 75 cents, EUR1, EUR1.50 to EUR2 for the meats and shrimps. Everything looks and tastes fresh.

What more? It’s a luncheon place with nice clean design.

40 avenue Kleber
75016, Paris
Tel: 01 45 53 12 31
Métro : Kleber

Other addresses :
29, rue du Louvre, 75002
13, blvd Malesherbes, 75008
12 rue Clement Marot, 75008
35 rue de Ponthieu, 75008

All open from Mon to Sat, from 11 :45am to 16 :30pm, well, they are called “Day”…
Ticket restaurants accepted
Click here for Jour’s website


Lunch someday?

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