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My Baking Suppliers in Paris

MORA, baking utensils supplier in Paris

Now that I am no longer a poor starving student, with a little bit of disposable income to spare, I have picked up a new hobby – SHOPPING! How can a woman not shop, right? When I first caught the bug, I would come back every night with a bag or two… Well, I was just making up for the years that I could not really shop.

The more I shopped, the more I realised I have a thing for numbers. I do. Especially when the number has to do with food. I have the uncanny ability to register prices and door codes. I quite like this new found ability. I know when a jar of peanut butter is EUR9 in one store and EUR3.50 in a regular Monoprix, EUR3.69 in a Gourmet Monoprix and EUR3.99 in Inno (which is BTW, also a Monoprix, but an “upscale” version. I say “upscale” because apart from softer lighting, rude service and paying more for the products, I can’t see why it’s “upscale”.).

I begin to question the real value of whatever that I’m buying. I’m by no means stingy or cheap or a bargain hunter. I just like the satisfaction of paying a good price for the goods. For my baking needs, I’ve found two stores that does just that.

For all my baking utensils, I go to Mora. It was founded in 1814 and is still family-owned. There is every imaginable baking apparatus and every brand you can possibly want under this roof. I paid EUR9.20 for 12 small non-stick tartlet moulds. I like the arrangement of the shelves and having prices on the shelves that correspond directly to the baking goods.

For baking ingredients, I go to G. Detou (pronounced as jay der-too). It also rhymes with “J’ai de tout.”, which in French means “I have everything.”. This is not a joke. There really was a Monsieur Gerald Detou, who founded the store in 1951. I mean, with a name like that, how can he not run a store?! I’m just glad he thought of baking goods and not mechanical spare parts for cars and such. At G. Detou, you buy cocoa nibs, vanilla pods, almond powder in bigger quantities. I paid EUR8 for 1kg of ground almonds (versus EUR3.40 for 120g in Carrefour) and EUR6 for 1kg of 70% chocolate cocoa nibs.

G. Detou, baking ingredients supplier in Paris

13 rue Montmarte
75001, Paris
Tel: 01 45 08 19 24
Métro : Chatelet, Les Halles
Opening Hours : Mon-Fri, 9am – 6 :15pm, Sat : 8 :30am – 1pm, 1 :45pm – 5pm
Click here for MORA’s website

G. Detou
58 rue Tiquetonne
75002, Paris
Tel: 01 42 36 54 67
Métro : Chatelet, Les Halles
Opening Hours : Mon-Sat : 8 : 30am – 6 :30pm

Note:My two baking suppliers are located in two different arrondissements… but they are in fact a stone’s throw from each other.


Thanks for the info. Good to know that good bargains exist in Paris!

I know! It's a nice find... cos now we can bake all we want without burning a hole in the wallet.

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